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Zara coming to Downtown LA!!! Figat7th

4 Jun

I am so beyond excited that Zara has announced that it will be opening it’s flagship store in Downtown Los Angeles next spring!  I can just imagine my husband’s excitement at me coming home with bags and bags of new Zara gear every time the store stocks up new stuff.  I’m already at the City Target weekly checking it out – Lord help my bank account once Zara comes to town!!

Proposed location of Zara in DTLA

Proposed location of Zara in DTLA

According to the LA Times, it will be a massive 27,000 square foot space, making it one of the largest in the USA.  Oh it will be heavenly.

Young professionals like me who both live and work in Downtown LA need shopping options.  We literally have no place to buy clothing downtown (and no – I don’t consider the Macy’s a viable option!).  With Urban Outfitters opening in the fall, we’re making some real progress downtown!  I moved here less than a year ago and already the city has expanded immensely!  (City Target, Le Ka, Coco Laurent, Ross all opened up here).

It’s always been my main complaint about living in Downtown LA that there is no place to do shopping nearby – it takes 30 minutes to drive 10 miles to The Grove and then takes another 30 minutes or so to get to The Americana (Glendale), and if I need to go to Sephora and Zara, I need to make 2 separate trips as The Grove and Americana don’t have both.  I know…. #firstworldproblems.  But it’s totally an issue. Since I have the luxury of walking to work, the thought of getting into my car to shop just seems wasteful to me.

I wonder what non-DTLA residents think – would you fashionistas drive to Downtown LA to go shopping at the new Zara?


Sprinkles Cupcakes Opens Downtown!

26 Mar

I think I was more excited that Downtown LA was getting “big” retailers than I was that the new bakery opening was Sprinkles.  Truthfully, I prefer Newport Beach’s Suzy Cakes over Sprinkles, but I wasn’t about to complain.  Downtown LA just got way more hip!

Sprinkles Downtown LA - 7th and Fig

Sprinkles Downtown LA – 7th and Fig Shopping Center

The week of my birthday, Sprinkles Cupcakes opened up their first ever downtown LA bakery in the newly remodeled 7th and Fig shopping center.  I love this shopping center.  It has a great Target, tons of food options, a gym, and is supposedly getting a SEPHORA!  There truly is nothing that would make me happier than a Sephora in Downtown LA.  Ok – maybe a Norstrom in Downtown LA would make me happier.

Sprinkles Cupcakes Downtown LA

Sprinkles Cupcakes Downtown LA

I went on my lunch break to pick up my very own Sprinkles Cupcake.  I was very excited that the line wasn’t insanely long- I was actually in and out within 10 minutes.

Sprinkles Downtown LA

Sprinkles Downtown LA Shop

The only downside to the store is that they have just ONE door – so you enter and exit through the same door. It can be a bit awkward when you’re done paying at the other end of the store and need to squeeze past the person standing in line to leave.

Here are the cupcakes I bought – one for me, one for my husband.  I ordered us both the dark chocolate cupcake, but, I got the one with the sprinkles for myself.  I have to say, for $3.50 each, I expected a bit more.  This was actually my first time buying my own Sprinkles cupcake, and I am not too sure I’d do this frequently (I’d eaten this at weddings or at work events previously).  I don’t think it’s worth the long lines I’ve seen at other locations, but it is very nice they are sprucing up downtown with retailers like this.

Sprinkles Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

Sprinkles Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

If you want to visit this cute new location, here’s the relevant info:

735 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, California 90017 [7th and Figueroa]

Monday – Saturday 9 – 9
Sunday 10 – 8


There is a parking structure, but I don’t think Sprinkles validates.  You can try to find street parking but that might be hard.  Or do what I did last time we went- shop at the Target in that plaza, get your parking validated, pick up a cupcake and leave. 🙂

Election Day in DTLA – 2012!

6 Nov

Hello world!  Today is it – so glad it’s finally election day because I’m pretty sick of the debates and the commercials on TV (my husband made me watch the news instead of Dancing with the Stars last night – tear!).  But I’m also terrified of really ridiculous measures getting passed so I decided to exercise my right to vote! 🙂  [like really, County Measure B? SMH]

Vote by Mail Ballot

Vote by Mail

Alrighty, so because I am incredibly impatient, I thought I would request a “Vote By Mail” ballot.  Great idea, right?  No lines, happy me!! woo hoo.  Only problem is, I forgot to mail in my ballot early!  Luckily, the system anticipates idiots people like me so you’re allowed to drop off your ballot at polling locations in your county – sweet!

I looked up my polling location up on Google and found that it was on on Hill & 2nd at some placed called Angeleus Plaza… definitely not a spot I want to walk to or around after dark so I decided to drop my ballot off during my lunch break.  The place was packed with senior citizens – adorbs (they wouldn’t let me take photos).  I was SO excited that it took less than 15 minutes to get in, drop off my ballot, pick up my nifty sticker and get out of that part of town!!  Woot.  Here I am post-voting (it’s almost a crime not to have your “I Voted” sticker in DTLA – proud!):

So if you guys aren’t familiar with downtown LA, Hill street requires you to walk down a steep hill to get to (hence the name!) – which means you must walk up that hill to get back to where you came from (duh).  I wasn’t feelin it today (hello 4 inch heels!) so I decided to be a little adventurous and take the Angel’s Flight Funicular, which is this super short train ride that costs only 50 cents!  Saved me the pain of walking up a hill (and hey, it’s November in LA – which means 80+ degree weather, eek!).

Angel’s Flight Railway – shortest railroad ever!

Hope you guys all voted today, too!!  For fun things to do tonight to celebrate election night, here are some things that are going on!

Park Your Politics: Grand Park’s Election Day Viewing Party at Grand Park, for info go here

Perch’s “Nonpartisan cocktail party” where if you show them your “I voted” sticker, you get one of our delicious signature cocktails on us! Click here to go to their Facebook page to see more.

What are you doing tonight to watch the results?!  Share with me here!


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