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Paris in April – Packing, Preventing Pickpockets, and Getting Ready

2 Apr
Ready for our trip.  Passports, check, Euros exchanged.

Ready for our trip. Passports, check, Euros exchanged.

The husband and I are prepping for our upcoming Paris Trip this April, and we can’t wait!  In doing all our travel prep, we have heard so much about pickpockets so we  I decided to be more vigilant and order “Neck Wallets” from Amazon.com.   These are meant to hold your valuables and keep them from prying Gypsies!  We probably will store our passports, credit cards and money in these and hide them under our jackets once we land at CDG, and then if I plan to do “a lot” of shopping that requires a VAT Refund, I’ll need to hide my passport in this, too.  Frankly, getting a credit card or cash stolen IS bad, but getting your passport stolen is far, far worst.  Better safe than sorry!

Here are all four that I ordered.  I am only reviewing #1s, #3, and #4 as the Sacks & Such one was really terrible and cheap looking in real life.

Travel Neck Wallets Ordered from Amazon.com

Travel Neck Wallets Ordered from Amazon.com

I ordered two Lewis N. Clark Neck Wallets to do a little comparison, here’s the Deluxe one (#3).  It’s the Lewis N. Clark Deluxe Neck Stash and it sells for about $14 on Amazon.com:  

It seems pretty solid – it has multiple zippers for your items, can hold two passports easily, and seems pretty comfy to wear.  It is not too big.  I really can’t find anything wrong with this item.

Lewis N. Clark Neck Wallet

Lewis N. Clark Neck Wallet

Here’s the second Lewis N. Clark neck wallet we tried out (#4); it has some fancy RFID thing that supposedly protects your identity from being stolen.  So not the reason I ordered it….I just like the extra pockets because it makes organization a bit easier.  This one sells on Amazon.com for about $12.

Lewis N. Clark RFID Neck Wallet

Lewis N. Clark RFID Neck Wallet

We also ordered a Travelon ID holder from Amazon.com.  We really did want to make sure we were getting the right items for our trip.  This one was was a bit smaller because it had a snap closer that folded it in half (you can see it above).  That also made it slightly more bulky when worn.  What I liked about this one most was the hidden zipper in the back to stash your euros.  This wallet sells for just $9.50.

Travelon ID Travel Wallet

Travelon ID Travel Wallet

I think we’ll end up taking one of the Lewis N. Clark ones (the RFID one) and the Travelon ID Wallet.  My husband REALLY liked the Travelon one because it came with a pen. 😉  I guess it can be useful!

Which would you choose?


Target + Neiman Marcus, 70% off?! What was so wrong with the collection

2 Jan

Ok really, the collection is now 70% off?  I couldn’t believe it when they dropped down to 50% last week (but you betcha I was happy to get a refund for the difference on my Tory Burch lunch box and thermos).  I was one of the few that logged in to order items from Target.com the night the collection launched (the Brian Atwood Gloves, Lunch Box, Thermos, and the Prabal Gurung Clutch) but when I went in to check out the items the next day, I was utterly disappointed in the quality.

Disappointed that the Marchesa dress didn’t come in my size and annoyed that the Atwood gloves felt cheap (hello, I’d paid $49.99 for them) and that the clutch looked like something I’d worn when I was 12.  I immediately returned the gloves and the clutch.  The Oscar de la Renta handbag was just embarrassing.  I wonder if the design team felt the same way.  I wouldn’t want my name on that bag.

Although I LOVED the Altuzarra Tray, I could not justify the $80 price tag for it.  It was just too much money to be spent on a tray, and it was seriously huge.  The tray was heavy and seemed to be very sturdy, but there was no room for it in my 1-bedroom apartment.

Altuzarra Tray for Target

Altuzarra Tray for Target

Still, when the collection went on sale for 50% off, I didn’t hesitate to purchase the little Caroline Herrera notepad set to add to the Christmas gift I had gotten for a friend and the DVF Yoga Mat for myself (bc yoga mats do usually cost $25!).  I looked at the adorable little girls dresses, but, because my brother and his wife don’t know the gender of the baby they’re expecting, I decided not to get either.  They were SO CUTE but too big a risk to take when the return by date is Jan 5.

Jason Wu for Target little girls dress

Jason Wu for Target little girls dress

I feel like this Time.com article covers the disastrous launch well.  They hit the nail on the head on the pricing of everything and the utter randomness of the collection.  Like, why the hell did Tory Burch create lunch items when her bags/shoes/clothes are INCREDIBLE?  Why didn’t DVF offer a wrap dress but instead sell a jewelry box and yoga mat?  Why did Marc Jacobs‘ “clutch” look like shit?  Why did Judith Leiber create a $60 compact mirror?  I loved almost every piece of the Jason Wu for the Target line this past spring, and the Missoni line was amazing too.  I just don’t really understand how they tried to sell us a bunch of random shit this winter for sky high prices.

Also, an employee at the LA City Target told me they got the biggest shipment of items in their store of any other Target store.  That may explain why the shelves were fully stocked the afternoon of the launch and still remain stocked.   What did you think of the items in the Neiman Marcus for Target collection?  What were your favorite pieces?

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